Founder's Introduction

Rennon Lee (RI Takayoshi)

1971Born in 1971 in Itami City, Hyogo Prefecture.
2006Winner of the martial arts competition at the National Athletic Meet held in Hyogo Prefecture
2009Champion of the International Martial Arts Competition (held in Hong Kong)
2010World Traditional Martial Arts Champion
2011JCI (Junior Chamber International) World President Secretary Team
2012Launch of Tokuiku Corporation International, a general incorporated association

Through the activities of JCI and JCI International, he traveled around the world to meet and be mentored by some of the world's top people.
He decided to create a system to "train leaders to create a better world" and to spread it as " the study of “BUGAKU”, and founded the General Incorporated Association International Tokuiku Corporation International.

I wanted to be able to live on my own and not be ridiculed by anyone, I came to "BUGAKU"

There were three major events that led to my encounter with "BUGAKU".

Part 1.Childhood, when I thought, "I want to be able to live on my own”

One day, after watching a detective drama and longing to be a detective, I said to my father, "I want to be a detective!”.
However, he replied, "If you were Japanese, you could do it, but you're a foreigner...".
I had no idea that I was a foreigner, as I could only speak Japanese in the Kansai dialect, which I had always assumed was Japanese.

When I told my classmates that I was a foreigner, they at one point applauded, "Wow!" and applause arose.
But then the bullying gradually began.
When I went to a friend's house to hang out, my friend's mother would tell me that he was not there, even though my friend was at home, and little by little I lost friends who would play with me.
Then came bullying and discrimination.

Part 2.Junior and senior high school years when I yearned for strength

Then I had a chance to watch a Bruce Lee movie and saw him wielding nunchakus and knocking down his enemies in style.
I want the power to not be bullied or ridiculed by anyone.
I want to be able to live on my own.

From there, in junior high and high school, I spent my time in fights, seeking more power.
I no longer gave in to bullies, and on the contrary, I sometimes became a bully.
I used my strength to drown out the anxiety of not knowing whether or not I would be able to get the job I wanted even if I studied.

Part 3.Encounter with “BUGAKU”

After that, I went to various dojos in search of strength, and it was during this time that I happened to meet a master of "BUGAKU".

The "BUGAKU" is a principle that was established 2,500 years ago, and is a practical study of the principles of "know, act, virtue, and unity" that can be applied to one's life so that neither one's self nor one's opponent can be defeated.
It is the ultimate idea of how to lead people and how to make people follow from psychological and other aspects.

At first, "BUGAKU" started with the idea of killing those who disobeyed, but as we pursued the ultimate goal, we arrived at the exact opposite: to utilize people rather than to kill them.

In other words, the “BUGAKU” is about how to make peace.
To give the ultimate explanation, the purpose of "BUGAKU" is to "master virtue”.

I learned from my brother's death was to think about my purpose in life: "If I were to die tomorrow, what would I want to do?"

They say that people change with the "3Ts", and it was the same for me.
The “3Ts” are bankruptcy, illness, and incarceration.
When I was studying “BUGAKU”, my brother, the only person who understood me, was diagnosed with cancer and I donated my entire fortune to his treatment, but he never returned.
I fought the disease as best I could with my brother.
My brother's absence from this world, the world that was not supposed to be there, the person who was supposed to be there, was not there...
For a while, I just passed the time in a daze.

But at this time, I realized that I had been obsessed with money by offering all my wealth for treatment, and for the first time I understood that I was not obsessed with money.
I also encountered, learned about, and tried to apply a treatment using the bio-responsive function of muscles to alleviate my brother's cancer pain.
I desperately tried various things to free my brother from his illness.
Through this experience, my brother also taught me to "Do the best I can while I am alive”.

I thought hard.

It's like...
"If I were to die tomorrow, what would I want to do?"
"What would I want to leave behind?"

As if by a revelation from the heavens, my brother's death and my past experiences convinced me that my purpose was to "happily share my wisdom and nurture others" in order to "create a better world”.
I felt as if the sky, which had been covered with clouds, had cleared up.

The "clarifying one's purpose, accepting responsibility for one's own actions as a subject, and Self-discipline" were all included in the "BUGAKU" program

So, first of all, I decided to participate in the activities of Junior Chamber International (JCI), which I felt was close to my goal of "creating a better world.
Participating in JCI activities gives me more opportunities to go abroad and meet with dignitaries from various countries.
I had long wanted to examine the “BUGAKU”, so I thought, "What can I do with my activities?".

The "BUGAKU" have been passed down in secret to the highest leaders of a country, such as emperors and military commanders, and have evolved and developed into "imperial learning," but it is not possible to suddenly reach "the highest leaders of a country, such as emperors and military commanders."
When I thought about who "someone close to the supreme leader of a country, such as an emperor or military leader," I came up with "a manager or educator who is considered to be the best in the world."
With these people, opportunities for seminars and interviews can be obtained by spending money.

We went to meet with Anthony Robbins, the world's No. 1 coach who has coached former President Bill Clinton and global investor George Soros, and John C. Maxwell, the world's No. 1 consultant who is considered Bill Gates' mentor.

What they had in common was the following.

  1. The quality of your life is the quality of the questions you ask yourself.
  2. Without a clear purpose for what it is done for, you get something unclear.
  3. Only action will change the world.
  4. It's not whether you can or can't, it's whether you want to do it or not.

The above can be summarized in a simple sentence.
"Clarify your purpose, accept responsibility for your own actions, and be self-disciplined."

I was amazed.

Because it was all in the "BUGAKU" that had been passed down through the masters.
Over the next several years, I thought about how I could communicate in a way that would be easy to understand, and I studied a wide range of subjects, including psychology, physics (quantum theory), biology, neo-Confucianism (based on the teachings of Wang Yangming and his followers), Japanese history, and language, in order to construct and theoretically support my method of communication.

"He/she will be a pioneer in creating a great future for himself/herself as an individual, able to contribute to many people and to society by fully exercising his/her abilities."

I decided to create a system for learning "BUGAKU" and to share it with the world at large.

I have been further refining my skills to make them "easier to understand," "easier to learn by anyone," and "absolutely effective when utilized," and since degeneration begins the moment one thinks this is enough, I have been practicing and conveying what I have grasped by living life to the fullest in the present moment.

Reference books

A book has been published on "BUGAKU."
Please read it as it contains some of the information we have been sharing with you and
some information we have not yet shared with you.

Book「The Power of ”OJIGI”」

※This is the book written in Japanese.

For those who are struggling with a lack of hope in life, the author, a world champion in the martial arts, will guide you through the process of "OJIGI" to increase your vitality and achieve results.
The book explains in detail and carefully how to practice to uncover your “KOKOROZASHI” and turn your life around.

See more details on Amazon

E-Book「Connect with 3.8 billion years of wisdom」

Publication:KYOUIKU, LLC
Price:369yen(Kindle Edition)
※This is the book written in Japanese.

The right answer for you is ......
Your "body" knows, not a book, not your parents, not an authoritative teacher or a successful person.
This book explains how anyone can control "invisible energy" in just 5 seconds.

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E-Book「What is BUGAKU?」

Publication:KYOUIKU, LLC
Price:99yen(Kindle Edition)
※This is the book written in Japanese.

This book is an overview of "BUGAKU".
Many of you may imagine "martial arts or combat sports" from "BUGAKU," but your imagination will probably be betrayed.

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