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Frequently asked questions are listed below.
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Q01How can I be guided directly by Mr. Rennon Lee?
Please check the information at “Practice sessions page” or contact your Practice sessions organizer directly.
Q02How can I get guidance from a leader?
First, please attend a "certified practice session" in your area.
Q03Can I request a lecture by Mr. Rennon Lee?
Please use the email form at the bottom of this page to send us a summary of your inquiry.
Please note that transportation and accommodation fees will be required.
You may also consult with a local instructor in your area.
Q04Is it possible to pass on the “KOKOROZASHI-REIHO”, etc. without becoming a leader?
You may voluntarily inform us.
However, you may not announce it on this website.
Q05Can I quote images or content from this site?
This is possible as long as it does not violate copyright laws or portrait rights.
Q06Is it possible to receive information about practice sessions and other events by e-mail?
We do not have an email registration function, so please attend your local practice session first.
Q07I want to be a leader, can I become one right away?
The system is a step-by-step process to become an instructor, so please attend a "certified practice session" in your area first.
Q08Why do certified leaders have to be at least 21 years old to be eligible?
As the organizer, we will be collecting participation fees and other fees, so we are only accepting participants who are 21 years of age or older.
Even if you are 20 years old, it takes about a year to become an instructor, so we set the age at 21.
Q09How can I find out more about the practice sessions you are sending out information about?
Please contact the organizer for further information.
Q10Can I use your logo to create products?
The logo may not be used on products for sale.
Q11I have lost my passport, can I still become an instructor?
Please keep your pass certificate in a safe place or save it as data (image or scanned data).
If you lose it, you will have to re-take the examination from the previous stage.
Q12Is it possible to announce a voluntary practice session on this site?
Only those who meet certain requirements can disseminate information on this site, and we will not announce information on your behalf even if we receive it.
Please aim to become a certified leader.

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